May 8, 2024
by Jamalco

Residents of various communities in South Manchester turned up for a health and information fair hosted by Jamalco at the Snowdon Primary School recently.

At the health fair, community residents received basic medical checks which included blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and BMI (Body Mass Index) tests. The health screenings were organized by Jamalco’s Medical team led by Nurse Claudette Walters-Simpson who was supported by Nurses Coleen Nelson and Marsha Johnson as well as EMT David Raby, and Doctors Rasheed Brown and Ansell Gillman.

Several government agencies were also on site to provide valuable information to curious residents on matters of interest to them. The agencies on hand were Social Development Commission (SDC), Rural Agricultural and Development Authority (RADA), Manchester Health Department and the National Health Fund.

Eighty one year old Maylin Forbes of Edinburgh in South Manchester expressed her thanks to Jamalco for the services offered and indicated that she was grateful to the doctor for addressing her concerns related to the swelling and arthritis in her leg.   This was also the sentiment of Cassandra Broomfield  who was grateful for the services provided as she had her daughter fully examined by the Doctor.

Senior Community Relations Officer, Errol Davy, explained that the health fair was part of Jamalco’s drive to assist residents in South Manchester with information on their personal health as many are unable to afford transportation to receive health services and information outside of their communities. “I am very pleased with the positive responses from the residents who participated in the health fair,” she said.

The Health Fair was also coordinated with the assistance of the of the South Plateau Community Council and Tashaia Scaffe, member of the Council who helped to register the residents expressed gratitude to Jamalco for its support in offering the residents extra help with their health. “We are very grateful to Jamalco for offering this initiative. The residents benefitted from well-needed services and the information that was displayed and presented by the agencies that were in attendance,” she said.

The South Manchester Health and Information Fair is the first of four health fairs to be executed by Jamalco in 2024 aimed at catering to the medical needs of residents living in its operating areas in Clarendon and Manchester.

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