May 30, 2024
by Jamalco

Jamalco employees embarked on several community service projects that saw 50 members of the workforce, including Managing Director Marvin Jackson, Century’s Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Accounting Officer, Rob Hoffman, and other members of the senior management team volunteering their time and effort to give back to the community on Labour Day, May 23. The initiatives were coordinated in partnership with the community councils that assisted in identifying the institutions.

The projects, which were organised under the theme “Ramp up di access … show you care”, saw the team tackling eight projects in various communities, including the Hayes Post Office, St Tools Basic School, Cooks Gate Basic School, Mocho Community Centre, Bethany Primary School, Harmons Valley and South Manchester beekeeping projects, and Broadleaf Primary School.

At the Hayes Post Office, the team painted the building and debushed the compound, while at the beekeeping projects, they erected perimeter fencing to protect the apiaries. The St Tools Basic School received a fresh coat of paint and a general clean-up, while the Cooks Gate Basic School was repainted, the perimeter fence repaired, and new toilet and bathroom fixtures installed. In addition, sections of the Mocho Community Centre and Bethany Primary School received a new coat of paint, and ornamental trees were also planted at the school. Likewise, the team repainted the multipurpose court at the Broadleaf Primary School.

Jackson praised the volunteers for their selflessness and dedication. “I am proud of our team for taking the time to lend a hand and improve institutions in our operating communities. It is a great way to show that we care about the well-being of our neighbours and the communities we serve. By giving back, we are not only contributing to the development of our communities, but also building stronger relationships with our stakeholders.” The Refinery Community Council leader, Lorine Cousins, said: “We are thankful for Jamalco’s support and commitment to giving back to the community. The post office needed the facelift and the contribution from Jamalco helped to make the project a reality. The members of the council and the wider community felt excited and want to thank Jamalco for their unwavering efforts,” she said.

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