July 1, 2024
by Jamalco

Grateful students, staff, parents and Jamalcoans turned out to participate in Jamalcoans in Motion (JIM) activities at the Porus, Mt. Airy and Mitchell Town Primary Schools recently. The activities were coordinated to raise funds to undertake refurbishing work at  the institutions.

The grants, valued at J$250,000 each, will be used to pave the school yard at the Porus Primary, grill the school at the Mt. Airy Primary and refurbish the reading room at the Mitchell Town Primary schools.

Principal of the Mt. Airy Primary School, Madelyn Edwards-Burke, thanked Jamalco for introducing the JIM concept to the school as she explained that it fulfilled the spiritual, educational and physical needs of the students. She also explained that Mt. Airy Primary School “desired the funds to enhance the security of the school compound and we thank Jamalco for coming to the assistance of the school”.

Principal of the Mitchell Town Primary School, Mario Palmer, was also highly appreciative of Jamalco’s support in repairing the school’s reading room. “I am happy that this grant will be able to assist in some areas. We have problems with heat and have done fundraising to put fans in the classrooms and that is what this grant will be used for” she added.

Led by energetic Sports Club Coordinator, Kirk Gordon, the participants were taken through a series of aerobic exercises, which were accompanied by popular Soca songs and dance music

The JIM events are organized to enable employees to participate and help raise funds to support community-based institutions. To be eligible for the grant, a minimum of 5 Jamalcoans must participate in the JIM activity for the nominated institution.

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