July 1, 2024
by Jamalco

Executive members from the seven Community Councils in Jamalco’s operating areas in Clarendon and Manchester met with Jamalco’s new Managing Director, Marvin Jackson recently. The leaders welcomed Mr. Jackson and used the opportunity to propose new projects for their communities as well as discuss their concerns.

Our operating communities are very important to us, was among the opening statements expressed by Mr. Jackson as he introduced himself to the leadership of the Community Councils. He reiterated the importance of the community to Jamalco’s operational stability and expressed his willingness to continue to further the mutually beneficial goals of Jamalco and the community. “Jamalco and the operating communities are family, and we must co-exist and look out for each other,” Mr. Jackson stated.

Among the concerns expressed by the leaders as they invited action from Mr. Jackson were the Council’s access to small Jamalco projects within their communities, for example, drain cleaning, removal of scrap metal and grass planting. Mr. Jackson supported the request and reminded the leaders that they must qualify themselves in accordance with Jamalco’s procurement procedures. He also requested that they access training in order to be eligible to qualify as contractors.

Chairman of the Refinery Community Council, Lorine Cousins, while welcoming Mr. Jackson commented on the excellent relationship that her council has with Jamalco. She confirmed that the Refinery Council has been undertaking several projects and highlighted the construction of the Wembley Centre of Excellence where Jamalco donated funding for the material and the community donated the sweat equity. She confirmed that her Council has been receiving excellent support from Jamalco.

The Beekeeping projects managed by all the Councils was highlighted as a very successful project which was introduced by Jamalco and from which the community generates income to sustain its activities. Member of the Harmons Valley Community Council, Craig Pitter, confirmed that a representative from his Council was now off the island on the farmwork programme because of the skills acquired during the beekeeping project.

The Mile Gully Community Council Chairman, Ms. Caleen Josephs, added her words of appreciation to Jamalco. “I want to thank Jamalco for the support they have been giving to the Council over the years, we are grateful for the Jamalco Indigent Support Programme (JISP), the health fairs and now we are looking forward to the Greenhouse projects,” she stated.


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