January 16, 2019
by Jamalco

Over four hundred students from the Mount Airy, Richmond Park and Mocho Primary Schools in
Clarendon benefitted from an Earthquake Awareness presentation which was organized by Jamalco in
commemoration of Earthquake Awareness Month recently.

Under the theme “When an Earthquake Strikes Be Bold…Drop Cover and Hold”, the students
participated in earthquake preparedness drills and simulation exercises which bolstered their awareness
and preparedness for earthquakes.

Senior Community Relations Officer at Jamalco, Phillip Biggs, explained that Jamalco recognizes the
importance of including children in disaster preparedness trainings each year. “The disaster
preparedness presentation is an effective method which helps to raise awareness and equips students
with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure they respond effectively to earthquake emergencies,”
he said.

The presentations, which are part of the Jamalco in Schools programme, were delivered by
Clarendon’s Parish Disaster Coordinator, Eleanor Coombs and Fire Prevention Officer from the May
Pen Fire Department, Corporal Collings Thompson

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