January 17, 2019
by Jamalco

After years of not having a suitable place to relax and unwind, the teachers at St. Jago Primary School
now have a new staff lounge courtesy of Jamalco.

The newly refurbished area was completed with a J$250,000 grant. Work to renovate the staff room
area began late last year and was undertaken by several community stakeholders who gave of their
time and skills to ensure that the staffroom was completed in time for the start of the new school year.

At a function to officially open and dedicate the staffroom held recently, Principal, Conrose Thompson,
said the staffroom in its current state was just the “groundwork” of a greater vision for the space
dedicated to the teachers. She explained that since the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information
does not provide the school with much resources, the school was left to forge partnerships with different
stakeholders in the community to ensure that the project became a reality.

While thanking those involved in the project, she thanked Jamalco for thinking about the comfort of the
staff. “It is a good feeling to know that we have somewhere to sit comfortably and have our meeting something we did not have before,” she said.

Community Relations Officer, Errol Davy, who worked closely with the school on the project said the staffroom is the start of many things to come for the school. Mr. Davy explained that the school was
the beneficiary of many of Jamalco’s community initiatives including regular supply of trucked water,
computer tablets, as well as a resource centre. He further explained that the company was committed to a continued partnership with the school and would do its best to raise the standard of the institution to bring it on par with the best schools in the country.

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