August 2, 2019
by Jamalco

Halse Hall, Clarendon – Jamalco has fulfilled the dreams of some 60 tertiary students through its annual Education Assistance Programme, by awarding close to $12 million dollars in scholarships and grants. The recipients were awarded at the company’s annual Scholarship Awards Ceremony held at the Wembley Centre of Excellence recently.

Manager of Corporate Services at Jamalco, Donna Marie Brooks-Gordon, revealed that for the first time in Jamalco’s history, 60 tertiary scholars were selected from a pool of more than 200 applicants in honour of the company’s 60th Anniversary. Additionally, nine students have received GSAT/PEP scholarships valued at an additional $360,000.

Mrs. Gordon further stated that an additional 280 basic, primary and high school students
will receive book vouchers to purchase school supplies in August.

“Last year Jamalco gave some $9.5million in back to school assistance and I am pleased to
report that this year, Jamalco will not be donating 9.5 or 10.5 nor 11.5 to our 350 students,
but for the 2019/2020 academic year, Jamalco will be presenting some $11.88 million dollars
to needy students,” she said.

In his remarks, Managing Director at Jamalco, Austin Mooney, commended the students for
not allowing their circumstances to deter or dampen their determination to succeed.
“I admire the persevering spirit that many of you have, to be able to excel above your
circumstances to become scholars in your own right. Jamalco’s expectations of you are great
and it is my hope that you will all live up to the high standards expected of you and that
you will be relentless in your studies,” he said.

Guest Speaker and Parliamentary Secretary, Senator Robert Morgan, lauded Jamalco for its
significant and consistent contribution to education, stating that the company has “instilled
a symbol of excellence in the parish”.

Senator Morgan implored the recipients to have the courage and dedication to be successful
despite their background and to also lend a helping hand to someone in their community as
Jamalco has done for them.

“Everyone has a duty to hold the hands of a youngster and show them that there is a light
at the top of the hill and if they unfurl their wings like eagles, they can soar to the highest
peaks,” he said.

Scholarship recipient and final year student at the Northern Caribbean University, Rayan
Rhoden, expressed appreciation for the financial aid from Jamalco, noting that Jamalco’s
investment has made things easier for him.

“Sixty tertiary students will be invested in through education and it is a privilege for me to
be among the 60. I am blessed and highly favoured,” he said.

The Jamalco Community Scholarship Programme provides financial assistance to high school
and tertiary students who reside in Clarendon and Manchester. Scholarships are awarded
to students who meet the requirements of having a minimum B+ average or 3.0 G.P.A.,
demonstrate a need for financial assistance and who are involved in extracurricular

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