March 2, 2019
by Jamalco

Some seventy-five students from primary schools located in the South Manchester area benefited from
a netball training exercise under the Jamalco Netball Enrichment Programme held at the Frankfield
Primary and Infant School recently.

The students, under the leadership of Jamaica Netball Association assistant coach and coach for the
Jamalco Netball team, Winston Nevers, received training on how to play netball. The students
participated in both theoretical and practical sessions in addition to netball drills. The day’s activities
culminated with play-off games, which involved teams from the different participating schools.
Teacher at the Patrick Town Primary & Infant School, Jennifer Cowan, lauded the efforts of Jamalco in
implementing the netball enrichment programme. “This initiative is really needed as it is evident that
some of the students lacked technical understanding of the sport,” Ms. Cowan said. She further
explained that the students enjoyed the session as they were enthusiastic about putting into practice
what they had learnt at the sessions. “With more sessions like these, I am absolutely sure that they will
become better players in the future,” she concluded.

Mr. Winston Nevers praised the initiative, noting that he was pleased with the day’s activities and the
interest of the students in learning more about the game. “I have identified at least six students with
the talent that could be further developed to represent their schools,” he said. He also added that there
is quite a lot to do with the youngsters in developing them to play netball professionally and has
committed to do one and one sessions with the students because of the raw talent that he has seen.
Community Relations Officer, Natalee Irving, said she is very pleased with the enthusiasm that was
displayed among the students and encouraged them to apply what they have learnt to become better

The Jamalco Netball Enrichment Programme was first introduced to primary school students in the
company’s operating areas in 2018. The programme teaches the fundamentals of netball playing, with
the aim of unearthing some of the hidden talent in the areas as a means of further developing the
students’ playing ability.

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