August 21, 2021
by Jamalco

Jamalco has donated $3.2 million dollars to support the construction of a Surge Deployable
Facility (COVID-19 Field Hospital) at the May Pen Hospital. The construction of the COVID-19
Field Hospital is underway and Jamalco was approached to support the effort by building the
Lavatory. The Field Hospital is expected to boost the capacity of the hospital to monitor and
treat patients with COVID-19.

In accepting the donation, Chief Executive Director of the May Pen Hospital Mrs. Eugena James-Clarke indicated that the “rising need for beds is ongoing as the surge in COVID-19 cases
continue. The Field Hospital is being constructed to accommodate 40 beds and should be ready
in September.”

According to Managing Director Austin Mooney “Jamalco is aware of the unprecedented demand
on health care providers and health systems and that the pandemic requires collaboration,
cooperation and teamwork from the private and public sectors. Jamalco is very happy to partner
with the May Pen Hospital and take a step in the right direction by donating the full cost to build
the bathrooms.”

Jamalco has a long history of supporting the May Pen Hospital with previous donations of an
ambulance, furniture for the paediatric ward, orthopaedic equipment and tools and a grant to
build the perimeter fencing and painting.

The May Pen Hospital serves approximately 206,000 residents in Clarendon and adjoining areas.

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