October 1, 2020
by Jamalco

As the COVID-19 pandemic persists and small enterprises lose revenue, the Jamalco
sponsored beekeeping project in Harmons Valley is delivering projected benefits.
The income generating project which is being administered by the Community
Council, is now reaping and bottling honey for sale.

The project which is located at a reclaimed Jamalco mining pit in Harmons Valley
Manchester, recently reaped several buckets of honey and have bottled some 34 litres
of the commodity which will be sold. This was derived from 27 boxes of beehives
currently being tended by Council members.

Chairperson of the Community Council, Cherry Ross praised the members of the
Council for their diligence in overcoming several challenges to finally be able to benefit
from the hard work they have put in. The Project was started in late 2018 with only
eight boxes of bees.

In 2017, Jamalco took a different approach to community development which involved
the principle of teaching a man how to fish rather than giving him a fish. The goal of
this approach was to equip the Councils with the resources needed to aid in the
development of their own communities through entrepreneurial activities. These
projects are designed to generate income and provide employment for residents in the
respective Council areas.

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