February 1, 2019
by Jamalco

Jamalco celebrates 60 years of operations in Jamaica this year. The birth of the bauxite/alumina
company dates back to 1959 with the establishment of Alcoa Minerals of Jamaica. The mining of bauxite
commenced in Teak Pen, Clarendon in 1963, while production of 500,000 tonnes of alumina from the
refinery began in 1972.

Jamalco’s Managing Director, Austin Mooney, says 60 successful years in operation is a major milestone.
“This operation that started with humble beginnings in 1959, when Alcoa started exploring for bauxite
has grown into a world class operation that mines bauxite and ships alumina all over the world.”
This, Mr. Mooney says, proves that Alcoa and the government had a strategic vision when they entered
into a joint venture agreement in the 1970’s and also demonstrates that the government’s support in
the 1980’s was fully justified.

Mr. Mooney added that although the company has operated through many cycles of the alumina
commodity business, including the global crisis in 2009, the company is holding its own. “Jamalco has
a solid base with a flexible and highly skilled workforce that continues to demonstrate resilience and a
fixity of purpose.”

Commenting on the company’s working relationship, Mr. Mooney says over the years, the company has
created an environment in which employees are able to take advantage of various support schemes and
harness their capabilities. “Jamalcoans have reared families and their children have gone on to work in
the industry. There are currently 33 families who have parents and children working at Jamalco.”
Several exciting celebratory activities have been planned to mark this milestone and will be observed
under the theme ‘Unearthing value and supporting sustainability; a partner for national

The company will kick off the anniversary activities with a church service at the Grace Baptist Church in
May Pen, Clarendon on Sunday, March 3, 2019.

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