May 1, 2019
by Jamalco

In another show of its commitment to developing the capacity of the communities in which it operates, several Jamalco employees joined hands with residents in Mile Gully and York Town the Mile Gully and
York Town Primary schools.

The workdays, which were organized by Senior CRO Phillip Biggs were designed to give the institutions a much-needed facelift. At Mile Gully Primary, great focus was placed on repainting the staff room, which is made from a repurposed shipping container and had been deteriorating for some time. During the day’s activity, the 10 Jamalco employees and 20 community volunteers installed ceiling boards to the area used to host devotional exercises. The old louvre windows were replaced with sliding windows and the doors to the staff room also replaced with more modern ones.

Meanwhile, at York Town Primary, volunteers turned their attention to repainting the
classrooms and a section of the administrative block. The school grounds were also
cleaned, and landscaping activities undertaken to complement the vibrant colours of the
newly painted buildings.

Principal of the Mile Gully Primary School, Mrs. Heiley Salabie-Knight, who solicited support
from Jamalco to undertake the repair work, noted that when the facility is finished, the
teachers will have a more comfortable environment to work and unwind in.

“This partnership with Jamalco has allowed the school to benefit from the company’s community development programmes and the school is grateful for what it has benefitted from thus far,” she said.
Principal of York Town Primary School, Ms. Francine Swaby and Chairman of the Board of Management Mr. Gaston Thomas, have heaped praises on the team from Jamalco for their discipline and hard work throughout the day.

They also commended the company for being a “true example of a good corporate citizen
and a friend and partner in York Town and other communities in the Railroad area.”
Each school received a grant valued at $250,000, which will be used to further improve the
infrastructure at the institutions.

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