October 20, 2014
by Jamalco

Over two hundred students at the Pratville Primary & Infant School in South
Manchester were reminded of the importance of using the road safely.

The Mines along with Jamalco Mining Contractor Trevor Dunkley & Company hosted a
symposium at the school as a part of the Jamalco in Schools Programme.

Conliffe Simpson, Manager of Trevor Dunkley and Company in his presentation
reminded the children about the dos and don’ts when they are using the road and
vehicles, especially trucks are passing. He said that often times the children try to hop
on to or touch a truck whenever it is moving. He also noted that at times the students
are seen playing on the streets and they should desist from doing so.

Mr. Simpson also used the opportunity to show a video presentation which highlights
safe road practices.

Mines Services Supervisor, Hopeton Ferguson in his presentation said Jamalco is
committed to keeping the students safe on the road but he asked the children to practice
road safety habits. “You are very smart kids and it’s very important to demonstrate this
while on the road,” Mr. Ferguson said.

He advised the students to exercise great care when they are crossing the road. “You
need to think, look for a safe place to cross, stop, use your eyes and ears, and look to the
left, right and then left again before you cross,” he said.

Ms. Francine Hutchinson, Grade 5 teacher who got an opportunity to experience the
haul truck operations, said she now realizes that the driver cannot see if a student is in
front of the truck or close to its left or right. Ms. Hutchinson has pledged that the school
will continue to encourage the students to stay away from the trucks while they are in

Rodane Crawford, Grade 6 student thanked Jamalco and Trevor Dunkley for reminding
the students about the dangers of moving vehicles and how to conduct themselves while
on the road.

At the end of the presentation, the students got an opportunity to take a firsthand look
at one of the haul trucks.

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