July 1, 2020
by Jamalco

Jamalco has procured and donated an electronic Vital Signs Monitor to the Isolation Unit at the Lionel Town Hospital. This device is used by medical practitioners to read a patient’s blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and oxygen saturation levels simultaneously at precise intervals. With the push of a button, the information is recorded instantly in the patient’s electronic medical record and can then be easily

Chief Executive Officer at the Lionel Town Hospital, Nadine Preddie says the COVID19 pandemic has placed a debilitating strain on the already stretched healthcare resources and as such the donation of the equipment could not have come at a better time.

“The vital signs monitor is very essential to the hospital’s daily operations especially in the COVID-19 area where the staff has to interface with the patients. The device will go a far way in relieving the already overburdened nursing staff of the task of conducting several individual vital signs checks, as this device will simultaneously perform four separate tests on a patient and as such will among other things reduce
contact time with patients.”

Without this monitor, the nursing staff has to use several pieces of equipment to gather the vital information from each patients and “based on the contagious nature of COVID-19, the less we have to interface directly with the patients, the better it is for the staff, thus reducing the risk of exposure to COVID-19,” Ms. Preddie noted.

In expressing gratitude for the vital equipment, Ms. Preddie thanked Jamalco for considering the hospital at this time. “There is no doubt that the pandemic is also negatively impacting the Jamalco operations, but this has not deterred your organization from making such a meaning donation. This is indeed the epitome of true corporate social responsiveness.”

Although electronic vital sign monitors have been around for more than four decades, these convenient equipment are not very popular in our hospitals.

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