August 4, 2020
by Jamalco

Jamalco has spent some $2 million to procure 100 Samsung computer tablets for students attending schools in its operating areas in Clarendon and Manchester. This initiative is an extension of Jamalco’s Tablets in Schools Programme which is aimed at bolstering students’ access to online learning in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The presentation of these computer tablets is an important aspect of Jamalco’s Community
Development Programme “and goes beyond our response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its
negative impact on education. The Tablets in Schools Programme actually started in 2016 and
is designed to improve children’s access to the latest technology while enriching their educational experience and providing the platform for them to learn independently,” Corporate Services Manager, Donna Marie Brooks said.

Ms. Brooks added that “we have recognised that since the onset of the pandemic many students in our operating areas have not been attending school because they lack the resources to participate in online classes. We do not want any of our students to be left behind and we are pleased that we are in a position to assist. These tablets will be a tremendous help in changing the circumstances of the beneficiaries.”

Speaking to student while handing over the Tablets to students in Mocho, Senior CRO Phillip Biggs implored the students to use the tablets as tools to enhance their learning while taking the best care of them. “This learning device is not to be used to play games and for other noneducational activities. They must be used at all times to enhance your learning,” Mr. Biggs said. He also cautioned the students to exercise extreme caution when they use the internet.

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