June 5, 2019
by Jamalco

Scores of residents in the rural community of Farm in South Manchester and surrounding areas benefitted from a host of free medical and dental services at a health and information fair held recently.

The health and information fair, which was a collaborative effort between Jamalco and the Southern Regional Health Authority provided dental services such as cleaning and extractions and medical services such as pap smears, prostate cancer screenings, and vision testing among others.

In all, over 200 adults and children received medical and dental care, with 100 persons also
receiving a prescription subsidy valued at $3000 to help off-set the costs associated with
purchasing medication.

In addition to the medical and dental services, several government and private agencies were
also on hand to provide information about their products and services. A team from the
Jamaica Moves initiative was also present and engaged the patrons in a series of exercises.
This was done to promote the Ministry of Health’s message of eating right and exercising for
at least 30 minutes each day to reduce the risk noncommunicable diseases.

Community Relations Officer, Natalee Irving, explained that the health fair was oversubscribed as more than 100 persons had to be turned back after the target quota was met. “This health fair proves that there is a real need for the different services that were offered. Some persons were here from as early as 5:30 am to register. Many persons have expressed their appreciation for the dental services in particular as
dental care is very expensive and some simply cannot afford it,” she said. Windsor Forest community member, Camille Gregory-Hall lauded Jamalco for the well-needed service. “This is a great initiative for the community and I am elated to see that so many persons turned out to access the free health services being offered. I am confident that everyone who is here today is appreciative of the health fair, especially the dental services being offered. It’s really good that every member of each household can come out and get their teeth cleaned or extracted today at no cost to them,” she said.

The health and information fair is one of Jamalco’s community outreach initiatives geared
towards residents living in its operating areas. The next health fair will be held in Porus,

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