who we are

Jamalco is a joint venture between Noble Group and Clarendon Alumina Production (CAP) with a focus on bauxite mining and alumina production. The company started as a bauxite mining venture by Alcoa in 1959 and exported its first shipment of bauxite in 1963. The company began alumina production at a new refinery in Halse Hall Clarendon in 1972 with a production capacity of 500,000 metric tonnes per year (mtpy), which it exported from its port facility at Rocky Point.

The refinery’s capacity was upgraded to 1 million mtpy in 1999 and then to1.25 million mtpy in 2003. The completion of a further upgrade in March 2007 lifted the production capacity of the refinery to 1.425 million metric tonnes per year.

In 1988, the Government of Jamaica acquired a 50 percent share in the operations. The resulting company was named Jamalco, with Alcoa as the managing partner. Following the 2007 expansion, Jamalco’s ownership structure changed with Alcoa owning 55 percent and the Government of Jamaica, 45 percent.
In December 2014, global commodities company Noble Group (SGX N21) acquired Alcoa’s 55 percent stake in Jamalco, while Clarendon Alumina Partners (CAP) retains its 45 percent ownership of the joint venture. Alcoa continues to operate the refinery on Jamalco’s behalf. The partnership is built upon Jamalco's robust operating history. Jamalco’s Executive Committee remains responsible for the strategic direction of the joint venture, with Mark Hansen of Noble Group as the Chairman of the Committee and Antonio Melo of Alcoa as the Managing Director of Jamalco.
What We Do
Jamalco mines bauxite and refines it into alumina before it is exported from its port at Rocky Point, Clarendon. On average, 2.5 tonnes of bauxite produce one tonne of alumina. The alumina is exported to aluminium smelters where it takes around two tonnes of alumina to produce one tonne of aluminium metal.
Jamalco’s bauxite mines are located in South Manchester on the Mount Oliphant plateau and in Harmons Valley. The railhead from which bauxite is trammed to the refinery is located at St. Jago in Clarendon. The refinery is locate at Halse Hall in Clarendon and the port from which alumina is shipped is located at Rocky Point also in Clarendon.